July 1995 Bulletin

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Fax-on-demand gets big response

In the six months of operation of the Academy's fax-on-demand service, 1,268 calls were made to the toll-free number, (800) 999-2939. Callers requested 2,050 faxes; 31 percent of the requests were for Position Statements, 22 percent for education information, and 17 percent for Advisory Statements.

In addition to the index of the 119 available documents, the most requested information were the CD-ROM computer recommendations, Advisory Statement on Orthopaedic Medical Testimony, Position Statement on Reimbursement of the First Assistant at Surgery in Orthopaedics, Position Statement on the Scope of Orthopaedic Practice in Managed Care Arrangements, and Position Statement on Fee "Unbundling" and Uniform Definitions for Surgical Procedures. The service provides copies of a wide range of information - Advisory Statements, Position Statement, Academy product list, membership information, AAOS Report, Washington Report, and information on the Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons: A Comprehensive Review. Callers can receive any of the available 119 documents or an index of the complete list sent to their fax machine by calling (800) 999-2939.

Academy offers clinical booklet

The Academy has developed a new series of patient education booklets, designed to answer every question a patient may have about a clinical procedure. The booklets are Total Knee Replacement, Knee Arthroscopy, and Bunion Surgery. The easy-to-read format takes the patient step-by-step through explanations of the causes of problems, orthopaedic evaluation, treatment options, realistic expectations, preparing for surgery, possible complications, and the recovery. A fold-out Exercise and Activity Guide illustrates exercises to restore mobility and strength. Total Knee Replacement, Knee Arthroscopy, and Bunion Surgery, illustrated with four-color drawings, are each priced at $2.50 per copy for a minimum order of 10 booklets or $2.25 per copy for orders of 100 or more of each booklet. To order, call the Academy's customer service department, (800) 626-6726.

New monograph on diabetic foot

The latest addition to the Academy's Monograph Series, The Diabetic Foot, emphasizes diagnosis, management, and treatment of persons who have a diabetic foot. This new monograph, now available, gives significant attention to diabetic neuropathy, the Charcot foot, and ulcer management. Included is a discussion of techniques in amputation and surgical reconstruction as well as research into the use of hyperbaric oxygen and growth factors. At approximately 70 pages, the monograph is priced at $28 for Academy members and $35 for nonmembers. Subscribers to the Monograph Series will receive their copy automatically for their no-obligation inspection and approval. Others who wish to order and/or subscribe may contact the Academy's customer service department at (800) 626-6726.

Course offers information on reimbursement

The Academy and KarenZupko & Associates are presenting a series of day-long coding courses, entitled quot;Reimbursement for Orthopaedic Surgeons - A 1995 Survival Guide." Launched in March and repeated in seven cities across the country through October, the course is intended to assist orthopaedic surgeons and their key staff in appropriate coding and billing practices.

The developer and instructor for the course is Debra Dorf, a nationally-recognized orthopaedic reimbursement expert. A member of the Academy's Committee on CPT Coding also will be present at each course to make a brief presentation and answer questions.

The course will focus on several important topics. One area of great concern to orthopaedic surgeons and their staff, which will be covered in the workshop, is the new documentation guidelines for evaluation and management coding recently developed by the Health Care Financing Administration and the AMA. Proper use of modifiers for Medicare and other carriers also will be explained. Much of the workshop will focus on how to dictate and code operative reports, with attention to avoiding common coding and documentation mistakes made by orthopaedic offices.

Orthopaedic surgeons and their coding staff are encouraged to attend this information-packed seminar. The dates and locations for the remaining courses are: July 15, Chicago; October 7, Atlanta; October 14, New York; and October 28, San Francisco. Past courses have been sell-outs, so early registration is recommended. Registration fees are $275 for the first person from an Academy member’s office; $225 for each additional person; and $350 for each person from a nonmember's office. To register, call KarenZupko & Associates at (312) 642-5616.

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