July 1996 Bulletin

Specialty Day called success

Specialty Day at the Academy's 1996 Annual Meeting was a success, Richard Kyle, MD, chairman of COMSS, told the spring meeting of the organization. Seventy-four percent of physicians present at the Academy meeting attended Specialty Day, an increase from 71 percent the previous year. About two-thirds were nonmembers of the respective specialty societies, one-third were members, and one-third were fellows and residents.

Dr. Kyle recommended that each specialty society designate one person to attend the Orthopaedic Research Society (ORS) meeting and report to their society either at Specialty Day or at the Annual Meeting on clinically-relative topics presented at the ORS meeting.

The specialty societies are responsible for more than 90 educational offerings during the year as well as Specialty Day. COMSS formed an education committee to allow coordination of these activities and integration into the Academy efforts. A new research committee will be responsible for coordination and integration of research activities with Orthopaedic Research and Education Foundation (OREF). This is particularly important because the specialty societies received $600,000 from OREF from the designated-giving program. Richard Coutts, MD, vice-chairman of COMSS, noted that the specialty societies funding is very important as seed-grants.

Terry Canale, MD, past chair of COMSS, was appointed chair of the instructional course committee. He asked COMSS representatives to submit requests for future instructional courses on specialty topics to the Committee on Instructional Courses.

The COMSS fellowship committee was reactivated with Michael Shariff, MD, as Chair. The committee will look at future concerns of fellowship with funding and CAQs.

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