July 1996 Bulletin

OREF awarded 57 research grants in '95

The Orthopaedic Research and Education Foundation (OREF) made 57 research grants in 1995, selecting from among a record 240 applications from researchers.

OREF awarded its first three prospective clinical research grants to principal investigators Evan L. Flatlow, MD, to examine the outcomes of surgical repair of the torn rotator cuff; Edward Diao, MD, and Thomas Trumble, MD, for a randomized multicenter trial of open versus endoscopic carpal tunnel release; and Michael J. Bosse, MD, and David Mauerhan, MD, for an outcomes study of the treatment of displaced femoral neck fractures.

Career development grants went to Reid A. Abrams, MD, for a proposal, "Muscle Response to Tenotomy and Tendon Repair," and to R. Tracy Ballock, MD, for "Regulation of Cell-Cycle Progression in Growth Plate Chondrocytes by Thyroid Hormone."

Wilson C. Hayes, PhD, was the recipient of the Bristol-Myers Squibb/Zimmer Institutional Grant for Excellence in Research. Dr. Hayes' project is "Clinical Biomechanics of the Patellofemoral Joint."

Roby C. Thompson Jr., MD, OREF vice president of grants, said "1995 was a challenging year for the foundation. The 55 members of the five peer review committees read the largest number of applications received by the OREF since its founding in 1955.

"The scores assigned to those applications also merited the highest marks, reflecting the excellent research being conducted at university medical centers across the country in clinical, cellular biology and biomechanics research."

OREF is seeking applications for its 1996-1997 funding. The deadline for applications for most programs is August 1. To obtain application forms, contact OREF at (847) 698-9980 or fax (847) 698-9767.

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