July 1996 Bulletin

Placement service is on home page

The Placement Service is a new addition to the Academy's home page, allowing orthopaedic surgeons to review the current database of Practice Opportunities and Positions Wanted. Users of the service can search for opportunities by state and required subspecialty interests.

Participants who are hiring orthopaedic surgeons may search for candidates based on their subspecialty interests, training, and preferred location. The Placement Service is password-protected-only registered Placement Service participants will have access. Individuals who are not currently a participant of the Placement Service must submit a listing form. Forms are available on-line by accessing the Placement Service site.

The site can be found on the home page (http://www.aaos.org) in the "What's New" section. For more information, individuals can contact Hardy Pottinger, Academy's member services department, (800) 346-2267, ext. 4259.

Most openings don't need fellowship

A study of the Academy's Placement Service data found that of the position opportunities 71 percent did not require a fellowship while 29 percent did require a fellowship.

Of those that listed the requirement of a fellowship, 38 percent wanted orthopaedic surgeons with a training in spine; 19 percent, hand; 13 percent, foot and ankle; and 11 percent, sports medicine. However, 80 percent of all practices required at least an interest in general orthopaedics; 38 percent, spine; 25 percent, foot and ankle; 24 percent, hand; and 23 percent, sports medicine.

Thirty-two percent of orthopaedic surgeons seeking positions listed no fellowship training; 22 percent listed sports medicine training; 12.3 percent, hand; and 9.6 percent, spine.

Of the 373 practice opportunities listed, 10.9 percent were in Florida; 8.3 percent, New York; and 5.9 percent, California.

The preferred states for orthopaedic surgeons seeking positions were North Carolina, 31 percent; Colorado, 30 percent; and Maryland, 24 percent. California and Florida were next, each preferred by 23 percent of the job-seekers. New York was preferred by 22 percent of the orthopaedists.

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