July 1997 Bulletin

Continuing Medical Education courses

Listed below are the upcoming Academy courses for September and October. For more information, contact the Academy's customer service department, (800) 626-6726; AAOS Fax-on-Demand System, (800) 999-2939; or the home page at http://www.aaos.org in the "Medical Education" section.

Summer Institute
Sept. 3-7; Washington, D.C.
Joseph D. Zuckerman, MD, chairman,
Committee on Surgical Skills Education

Pediatric Orthopaedics: Current Perspectives and Techniques
Oct. 16-18; Marco Island, Fla.
George S. Bassett, MD, and Paul D. Sponseller, MD, course chairmen

Worker's Compensation Case Management:
A Multidisciplinary Approach
Oct. 16-18; Denver, Colo.
Joseph P. Zeppieri, MD, and Dan M. Spengler, MD, course chairmen

Reconstructive Surgery of the Elbow:
Techniques, Trauma Management and Fixation
Oct. 17-19; Orthopaedic Learning Center, Rosemont, Ill.
Bernard F. Morrey, MD, and Shawn W. O'Driscoll, MD,
course chairmen

Life After Orthopaedic Practice:
Preparing for a Change in Direction
Oct. 18-19; Amelia Island, Fla.
G. Dean McEwen, MD, course chairman

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