July 1997 Bulletin

Critical review key to Journal's high regard

Alan M. Levine, MD, the new editor-in-chief of the Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, intends to carry forward the high standards set by his predecessor, John Frymoyer, MD.

"Dr. Frymoyer did a superb job in laying the foundation of the Journal and establishing its position as the preeminent peer-reviewed publication for patient care," said Dr. Levine, professor of orthopaedic surgery and oncology, University of Maryland, Baltimore. "One of the critical features in the high regard for the Journal is that the material is critically peer-reviewed." The multilayered review process will continue.

In order to cover a wide variety of topics and issues in orthopaedic surgery, the Journal solicits a large majority of its articles. "The fact that the article was solicited doesn't mean that it is automatically accepted and subjected to only a light revision," Dr. Levine said.

"A solicited article is reviewed in a blinded process by three experts in the subject area to determine the originality and currentness of the information. Additionally, it is reviewed by an associate editor who has particular knowledge in the subject matter. The blinded comments of the reviewers are collated and sent to the authors, often with extensive suggestions for revision."

When the author resubmits the article with the changes, it is reviewed by the same three experts and by the Editor-in-Chief. Occasionally, there are articles that never make it into the Journal.

An unsolicited article is subject to an additional step in the review process. A proposal is sent first to an associate editor to review the concept synopsis. If the concept is approved, the author is asked to write the article.

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