July 1997 Bulletin


Academy President Douglas W. Jackson, MD, says three issues have generated the most letter and comments in the last two months.

Secretary's Notes tells highlights of Board of Directors meeting May 23-24, 1997.

Letters to the editor

Who founded the Academy?

Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons has multilayers review process.

Orthopaedics Overseas needs volunteers

How to send Letter to the Editor

Academy wants your e-mail address

Draft of Academy's 1998-1999 Strategic Plan submitted for review

New Advisory Statement on Antibiotic Prophylaxis for Dental Patients with Total Joint Replacements.

Point of View: IM rod fixation is useful for some pediatric fractures

Point of View: Time to demonstrate value of orthopaedics

OREF tells awards, grants for 1997

Physician unions are gaining appeal

How to be an "expert" expert witness

HCFA proposes practice expense rule

42 N.Y. state hospitals reducing residency slots.

Board of Councilors take messages to Capitol Hill

Michael Ehrlich, MD, and 11-year-old patient urge more funds for NIAMS

Audiotape tells value of knowing functional outcomes of patients.

Academy publication rated among the best in 1996

FDA honors Device Forum as a model of cooperation

Re. Richard Gephardt (D-Mo.), Minority Leader of the House, meets with Fellows.

Sen. Charles Grassely (R-Iowa), chairman of the Senate Special Committee on Aging, and Sen. Alphonse D'Amato (R-N.Y.) discuss legislation.

Deceased members of the Academy

War on fraud and abuse may have gone too far

Self-audit will prevent future problems

HCFA AMA tell how to code for E/M

National conference tells orthopaedic surgeons to take control of their future

James S. Isom, past president of BONES says repositioning may require new attitudes

Physicians urged to expand their knowledge of the types and uses of opiates

States releasing data on physicians' backgrounds, disciplinary actions

Survey finds what orthopaedists really think about retirement

George L. Dixon, MD, retired to an active life

Orthopaedist shares a lifetime of experience with new physicians

How to save time giving lab results to patients

How to market your practice

Board of Directors workshop develops action plans for new CME curriculum

CME registrants take active role in own education

Calendar of CME courses for September and October

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