July 1997 Bulletin

OREF awards, grants for '97

The Orthopaedic Research and Education Foundation made the following grants and awards in 1997.

Career Development Awards: Grants encourage a commitment to scientific research in orthopaedic surgery. Grants are three years at $75,000 per year. There are two recipients:

Donald C. Fithian, MD, University of California, San Diego, "Patient Outcomes Following Patellar Dislocation: A Prospective Study of the Epidemiology, Recovery and Intermediate Term Outcomes"

Richard M. Terek, MD, Rhode Island Hospital, "Characterization of Novel Chondrosarcoma, Associated Genes"

Research Grants: Grants encourage new investigators by providing seed money and start-up funding. Grants are two years at $50,000 per year. There are nine recipients:

Joyce A. DeLeo, PhD, Dartmouth Medical School, "The Role of Cytokines in Lumbar Radiculopathy"

John G. Lane, MD, University of California, San Diego, "Histological, Biomechanical and Biochemical Evaluation of the Holmium: YAG Laser on Articular Cartilage Repair"

James R. Neff, MD, University of Nebraska, "Oligonucleotides as Therapeutic Agents in Sarcomas"

Regis J. O'Keefe, MD, University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, "Identification and Characterization of an Operant Anti-Inflammatory Mechanism for the Control of Wear Debris Osteolysis"

Norman Otsuka, MD, University of California, San Francisco, "Bone Remodeling in a Chick Embryo Model"

Tamara A. Scerpella, MD, State University of New York at Syracuse, "Bone Mineral Density in Pre-Pubertal Girls: Dose Related Effects of Gymnastic Activity"

Matthew M. Tomaino, MD, University of Pittsburgh, "Longitudinal Radioulnar Dissociation: Clarification of Normal and Injured Forearm Mechanics and Evaluation of Reconstructive Strategies"

Frederick H. Wezeman, PhD, Loyola University of Chicago, Stritch School of Medicine, "Anesthesia-induced Chondro-Osteogenic Malformation in Vertebral Development"

Yaotang Wu, PhD, Children's Hospital, Harvard Medical School, "Evaluation of Solid State MRI of Bone Mineral and Matrix"

Prospective Clinical Research Proposal: Grants provide funding for promising prospective clinical projects. Grants are three to five years at $50,000 per year. There are three recipients:

Douglas T. Harryman II, MD, University of Washington, "The Shoulder Function and Health Status of Individuals with Documented Rotator Cuff Tears Before and After Treatment: A Multipractice Prospective Study"

L. Andrew Koman, MD, Bowman Gray School of Medicine of Wake Forest University, "Upper Extremity Spasticity in Pediatric Cerebral Palsy Patients: Outcomes of Treatment with Botulinum A Toxin"

Harry E. Rubash, MD, University of Pittsburgh, "Surgical Management of Hip Fractures in the Elderly." Year one funded by the Hip Society.

Resident Research Awards: Grants encourage development of research interests for residents in approved orthopaedic programs. Grants are $15,000. There are nine recipients:

Susan Day, MD, Blodgett Memorial Medical Center, "The Influence of Insulin-Like Growth Factor I and its Replacement on Fracture Healing in the Protein Deprived Animal"

Gurvinder Deol, MD, Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, "The Cytosolic Ca2+ Response of Non-Osteoarthritic and Osteoarthritic Chondrocytes to Fluid Flow-Induced Shear Stress"

Jonathan A. Gastel, MD, Rhode Island Hospital, "Quantification of Collagen Type II Peptides in Synovial Fluid of Osteoarthritic Rabbit Knee Joints and Correlation with Histological-Gross Pathological Articular Cartilage Degeneration"

Shawn Gilbert, MD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, "Mechanisms of Camptothecin Resistance in Osteosarcoma Cell Lines"

Steven Hall, DO, Michigan State University College of Human Medicine, "The Effect of Postoperative Immobilization on the Healing of Ho: YAG Laser-Modified (Shrunken) Tissues: A Postoperative Assessment of Tissue Length, Morphology and Stiffness"

Anh X. Le, MD, University of California, San Francisco, "Similarities in the Molecular Cues Mediating Bone Formation and Repair"

Todd O. McKinley, MD, University of California, Davis, "Periarticular Bone Strain Changes Resulting From Tibial Plateau Fractures: The Effect of Cartilage and Subchondral Bone Loss"

Craig Phillips, MD, University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine, "The Efficiency of Reconstructed Flexor Tendons and Pulleys in Zone II in Human Cadavers"

Robert L. Satcher Jr., MD, PhD, University of California, San Francisco, "The Effects of Shear Stress on the Function of Osteoblasts In Vitro"

OREF Clinical Research Award: Award recognizes an original manuscript of outstanding clinical research related to musculoskeletal disease or injury. One award of $20,000 is offered.

Marc Swiontkowski, MD, University of Washington, Harborview Medical Center, "The Development and Validation of a Musculoskeletal Extremity Health Status Instrument: The Musculoskeletal Functional Assessment Instrument"

The Bristol-Myers Squibb/Zimmer Grant for Excellence in Research in Orthopaedic Treatment: This grant provides $50,000 per year for five years to an institution for an epidemiological, clinical- or laboratory-based research proposal, designed to positively affect the treatment of orthopaedic disease processes or conditions leading to better patient care.

Wayne H. Akeson, MD, and Steven R. Garfin, MD, University of California, San Diego, "The Orthopaedic Application of Novel Anti-Fibrotics in the Prevention of Epidural Fibrosis"

Educational Awards: One-year funding for educational programs developed in conjunction with a recognized, national organization to evaluate the effectiveness of orthopaedic education at all levels; clinical consensus conferences, workshops and symposia; research and development of educational electronic media; and innovative approaches to education.

The American Orthopaedic Association for support of the Annual Residents' Conference.

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