July 1997 Bulletin

Secretary's Report


S. Terry Canale, MD, Academy Board of Directors Secretary

This report highlights actions taken by the Board of Directors during its meeting in Rosemont, Ill. May 23-24, 1997.

Academy-ADA advisory

The Board approved an Advisory Statement, developed in cooperation with and endorsed by the American Dental Association (ADA), on antibiotic prophylaxis for dental patients with total joint replacement. The Academy and ADA believe antibiotic prophylaxis is not indicated for dental patients with pins, plates and screws, nor is it routinely indicated for most dental patients with total joint replacements two years following the replacement surgery. There are exceptions to this generalization in the complete Advisory Statement. It is also available on the Academy's home page (www.aaos.org) in the Library area and on the Academy's fax-on-demand service (800) 999-2939.

FY 1998 budget

The Board approved the Academy's fiscal year 1998 budget with projected operating revenues of $31.9 million, projected expenses of $30.9 million, providing operating income of $1,057,000. Projected investment income is $1,253,000. The Board also approved changing the Academy's fiscal year, starting in 1998. The new fiscal year will be January 1 to December 31. The current fiscal year is May 1 to April 30.

Hotel update

Board members were told that if negotiations between the Hyatt Corporation and the Village of Rosemont are successful, construction of the hotel could start in April 1998 and be completed in June 1999. The Academy is working with Hyatt officials on design of meeting and guest rooms. The Board voted to postpone a decision on a proposed fund raising campaign for the OLC. The campaign was proposed to create a permanent endowment fund and to offset OLC operating expenses.

Benefits package

The Board approved the benefits package for International Members. Dues will be $300 a year. Annual Meeting registration fees will be waived. International members will receive a free subscription to the Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, a membership certificate which can be updated annually with a sticker, member rates for the purchase of Academy publications, a promotional package from The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery and three informational mailings a year.

New Position Statements

The Board approved a Position Statement on the use of breakaway bases in preventing recreational baseball and softball injuries. The statement is available on the Academy's home page (www.aaos.org) in the Library area, and on the Academy's fax-on-demand service (800) 999-2939.

"New" Bulletin

The Board approved a comprehensive communications plan which calls for increasing the frequency of the Bulletin magazine to bimonthly from quarterly, and incorporating display and classified advertising. Starting in January 1998, the redesigned Bulletin will have expanded coverage of useful, current information for orthopaedic surgeons in their daily practice; be an interactive resource for fellows; and provide information about Academy activities and actions. The Bulletin will use the Academy's home page to provide supplemental information related to Bulletin articles.

Work force study

The Board heard a report updating progress on the work force study by RAND. The final report on the work force study is expected at the September Board meeting. The Board also asked for a report on progress on several cost-effectiveness studies.

Report on fraud probes

Michael Ile, an attorney with the American Medical Association, reviewed the tactics and strategy of the federal government in investigating teaching hospitals for possible fraud. The AMA objects to the government retroactively applying today's standards in judging billings done years earlier. He discussed the possibility of the AMA suing the U.S. Justice Department and Inspector General of Health and Human Services to stop the tactics.


The Board reaffirmed that The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery is the official journal of the Academy. The Board also approved deleting the subtitle, "A Comprehensive Review" from the Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. The subtitle was seen as an impediment to being listed in Index Medicus.

Diversity Committee

Members of the Diversity Committee plan to develop a three-year program, Edward Anthony Rankin, MD, told the Board. At its initial meeting in April, the committee discussed activities to identify barriers that women and minorities face when entering the orthopaedic profession and strategies to overcome the barriers. The committee also discussed developing mentoring programs for minority medical students, similar to the Ruth Jackson Orthopaedic Society's mentoring program for women medical students.

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