June 2000 Bulletin

Societies cited for Bone and Joint effort

Twenty-nine states have issued proclamations declaring the Bone and Joint Decade 2000-2010, an international effort to advance understanding and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions and to promote research.

During the National Orthopaedic Leadership Conference in May, representatives of 12 state orthopaedic societies received certificates congratulating the organizations for their success in having the Bone and Joint Decade declared in their state, "thereby enhancing patient empowerment and understanding, as well as promoting important musculoskeletal research and cost-effective care." The state societies that received the awards and the recipients were:

Arkansas—John Lytle, MD
Alabama—Donald Deinlein, MD
Kentucky—John Vaughan, MD; Thomas Reichard, MD; Scott Scutchfield, MD
Mississippi—John Drake, MD
Oklahoma—Thomas Marberry, MD
North Dakota—Robert Clayburgh, MD
Tennessee—Kenneth Moore, MD; Owen Tabor, MD; Paul Biggers, PhD
West Virginia—William Sale, MD
New Hampshire—H. James Forbes, MD
Kansas—Kimberly Templeton, MD; Larry Cordell, MD
Pennsylvania—E. Michael Okin, MD
New Jersey—Michael Gordon, MD; Vincent McInerney, MD; and Stuart Hirsch, MD

At the AAOS Annual Meeting in March, the state societies that received similar awards and the recipients were:

Texas—Charles Kennedy, MD
Missouri—Jeffrey Anglen, MD; Alan Morris, MD; and Lowry Jones, MD
Georgia—Frank Kelly, MD; and Jeffrey Nugent, MD
Illinois—Paul Meyer, MD; Chris Dangles, MD; and Mitchell Sheinkop, MD
Connecticut—Edward Collins, MD; and Jay O’Brien, MD
South Dakota—H. Lee Ahrlin, Jr., MD
Arizona—Vincent Russo, MD
Michigan—W. John Bruder, MD
South Carolina—Rick Reed, MD
Indiana—Wade Rademacher, MD
Louisiana—Robert D. D’Ambrosia, MD; and Robert G. Chuinard, MD
Oregon—Michael Vessely, MD; and John Tongue, MD
Florida—Robert Catanzaro, MD; J. Dean Cole, MD; Edward Jaffe, MD; Abbott Kagan, MD
Iowa—Stuart Weinstein, MD
Wisconsin—William Niedermeier, MD; Joseph DiRaimondo, MD; Donald Hackbarth, MD.
Vermont—David Halsey, MD
Ohio—John Kean, MD; Richard Deerhake, MD; and Edward Miller, MD

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