June 2000 Bulletin


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Letters to the Editor

You can have news delivered via e-mail

AAOS offers free web site to members, access to 'Your Orthopaedic Connection'

Atlas finds wide variations in orthopaedic care

3 'errors' bills in Congress

Court dismisses lawsuit to review formula for practice expense RVUs

Have patience with Internet savvy patients

Physicians spend 6 hours a week online mostly for personal use, not clinical work

Hiring the best takes skill

Unreturned calls are risky

Most women don't talk to physicians about osteoporosis

Survey discloses 29% respondents report joint pain

Managed care penetration 1992-1998

Societies cited for Bone and Joint effort

200 orthopaedists visit Capitol Hill during NOLC

States news: In brief

Computer Link: Tactics to avoid computer virus attack

Special Report: Digital imaging: from shoot to show

Legal Issues: Get ready for day OIG is at your door

Coding corner: How to get credit for comprehensive ROS

Keys to MCO negotiations

Sell your practice for premium price

Road to diversity tough, but possible

Across the President's Desk: Dr. Inside and Dr. Outside score touchdowns for AAOS

AAOS approves lower limb statement

Non-discrimination Policy

Point of View: Gene data has impact on orthopaedics

Genetic research may turn science fiction into reality

Are you Master of Universe or Loyalist?

Core values of members

'Camp' kicks off AAOS PR program

AAOS seeks papers for Kappa Delta, OREF awards

Back pain leading cause of hospitalization

Project moving on two fronts

In Memoriam

Doctors coached on cultural competency

'Click' opens vast arthritic knee library

Continuing medical education

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