June 2001 Bulletin

OLC reputation far reaching

Physician from Maylasia comes to learn foot, ankle procedures

Heng-Hing Lim, MC, scans AAOS publications during an OLC break

The reputation of the Orthopaedic Learning Center as a premier skills education center reaches far beyond the shores of the United States.

Proof is provided by Heng-Hing Lim, MD, who was granted a leave of absence by the University of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to attend a course in the OLC last month.

The 41-year-old orthopaedist, a lecturer in the university’s orthopaedic department, attended the course on the Surgical Management of the Foot and Ankle in General Medicine.

"I heard about the Orthopaedic Learning Center when I was in training at the National University of Singapore in 1996," says the soft-spoken Dr. Lim. "It (the OLC) is known throughout Southeast Asia."

Dr. Lim, who journeyed to the OLC at his own expense, was not disappointed by the instruction. He gave high marks to "the case instructions and demonstrations. It was really eye-opening."

He may be one of the few orthopaedists in Malaysia trained in foot and ankle surgical care. Dr. Lim explains that doctors in Southeast Asia receive general surgical training. There is great need for foot and ankle orthopaedists, he says, but there is presently no fellowship program in his country. Unattended foot conditions are either endured by people or result in amputations, says Dr. Lim.

The orthopaedic course at the University of Malaya is only four years old. When Dr. Lim returns to the university he will start a new division of the orthopaedic training program, focused on the foot and ankle. He hopes to have the division in operation in September.

He was very appreciative of the opportunity to attend the course. "I want to thank the Academy for helping to arrange the registration for the course," said Dr. Lim, adding, "the Academy is in the forefront of providing education in orthopaedic surgery in Southeast Asia." He gives particular praise to the AAOS’s Orthopaedic Knowledge Update as a valuable resource used by him and others in his country.

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