June 2001 Bulletin

AMA survey finds physicians’ computer usage jumps in 2000

Three-quarters of physicians surveyed by the American Medical Association last year said they were computer users, up from 41 percent in 1999. The use of the Internet also increased sharply to 70 percent of physicians surveyed in 2000, from 37 percent in 1999.

But the number of physicians with their own web site stabilized at 26 percent in 2000 and 27 percent in 1999.

The survey of 1,001 physicians found 79 percent use the Internet for communications; 66 percent, medical information; 66 percent, news and information; 51 percent, drug information; 53 percent, business; 39 percent, patient education; 24 percent, career development; and 21 percent practice marketing.

Ninety-six percent said they used the Internet for nonpatient related e-mail and 25 percent said they use e-mail to communicate with patients. Eighty-six percent said they used the Internet for collecting travel information; 77 percent, obtaining product information; and 68 percent, professional association communications.

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