June 2002 Bulletin

AAOS needs volunteers

A new, online database of AAOS volunteer opportunities is now available on the Academy’s Web site, and members are encouraged to apply for a position on a committee that would benefit from their competency and skills.

The committee vacancies are posted in a new, online database that can be found on the AAOS Web site at www.aaos.org. Just click on "Membership Services," then click on "Membership Information" and look for "Volunteer Vacancy Announcement, Application, and Selection System." Once in the database you will be able to access a list of all committee openings, view detailed committee charges and review information about the qualifications for each committee opening, along with details of the responsibilities and length of term for that vacancy. To be considered for a committee assignment, please follow the simple procedure listed.

Council/committee chairs will be able to view applications at their convenience. Also included in this database is an evaluation process for existing committee chairs and members. Chairs will evaluate members, and members will evaluate chairs based on their service performance. These evaluations will be available only to the chairs who are conducting due diligence on applicants. It will enable them to view the performance history of those who are applying for positions on their committee. The evaluation process takes a short time to complete and will be of value to the chairs in selecting candidates for their councils/committees.

Those who are completing a first year of service will have an informal evaluation with their committee chair at an agreed upon time. Every year thereafter, the evaluation will be processed online with both the chair and the member evaluating each other.

Vernon T. Tolo, MD, president of AAOS, encourages all members to consider volunteer service with the Academy. "Committee service is an opportunity for both personal and professional growth and accomplishment," he said. "Further, new volunteers bring tremendous vitality to the AAOS. I hope that each of you will consider how you can contribute to your professional organization."

The current application deadline for 2003 committee vacancies is July 1, 2002. Those appointed should be notified on or about September 30, 2002. Most new committee appointments will become effective in February 2003, at the time of the AAOS Annual Meeting.

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