June 2003 Bulletin

New US BJD president: Regis O’Keefe, MD, PhD

The U.S. Bone and Joint Decade (BJD) has elected a new president–Regis J. O’Keefe, MD, PhD, professor of orthopaedics and oncology, Rochester University Medical Center, N.Y.

The election took place on Friday, May 30, 2003 at the U.S. BJD board meeting. As both a practicing orthopaedic surgeon and an award-winning clinical scientist, Dr. O’Keefe is ideally suited for this role. He also serves on the AAOS Council on Academic Affairs, the executive committee of the American Orthopaedic Association and the Orthopaedic Research and Education Foundation’s board of trustees.

Dr. O’Keefe succeeds Stuart L. Weinstein, MD, who stepped down because of his recent election as AAOS second vice president. Dr. O’Keefe also succeeds Dr. Weinstein as the Academy’s representative to the U.S. BJD.

At the same meeting Michael J. Condit, MD, was elected U.S. BJD treasurer and John P. Dormans, MD, Kenneth J. Koval, MD and Andrea McConville, RN, were elected members-at-large of the U.S. BJD Board.

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