June 2003 Bulletin

Media attention growing for "Body Almanac"

By Carolyn Rogers

The media blitz for the Academy’s first-ever publication directed at retail consumers is underway, complete with author interviews on nationally syndicated radio shows, reviews in newspapers and magazines across the country, and even a summer book tour.

The buzz started at the February 2003 Annual Meeting in New Orleans, where The 2003 Body Almanac; Your Personal Guide to Bone and Joint Health at Any Age made its debut. The handy musculoskeletal manual demystifies bone and joint health for the general public.

Priced at $19.95, the soft-cover guide clearly and concisely defines dozens of common musculoskeletal conditions and complaints, and supplies a wide range of helpful, concise information such as signs/ symptoms, treatments, pain expectations, "when it’s time to call a doctor," follow-up care, exercises, anatomical diagrams, checklists, safety and prevention tips and much more. The Body Almanac belongs in every home library.


Orthopaedic surgeon co-editors John F. Sarwark, MD; Letha Y. Griffin, MD; Glenn B. Pfeffer, MD; and Ramon L. Jimenez, MD, have promoted the guide on numerous radio programs, such as the syndicated "To Your Health" show with Lyle Dean, out of WGN-AM radio in Chicago; "Healthline" on WGFS-AM radio in Atlanta; "Senior Healthscope with Dr. Gordon Margolin" on WMKV-FM in Cincinnati; "Focus on Health" on KASU-FM out of State University, Ark., and others.
Co-editors (from the left) John F. Sarwark, MD; Letha Y. Griffin, MD; and Glenn B. Pfeffer, MD, sign copies of the 2003 Body Almanac at an in-store event at the Barnes & Noble book store just outside New Orleans, LA

Book tour, reviews

This summer, each editor will participate in a "mini" book tour in major cities in their own geographical areas. Targeted cities include Dallas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Seattle, Atlanta, Chicago, Tampa and New York. Each store event will feature both a book signing and a lecture by the participating editor on a selected musculoskeletal condition such as arthritis. Earlier this year, Drs. Griffin, Sarwark and Jimenez participated in a book signing in New Orleans.

Reviews of The Body Almanac are slated to appear in upcoming issues of health magazines such as Muscle & Fitness, CARE, It’s About Your Health & Fitness, Today’s Health & Wellness, in addition to a number of sports, senior, women’s and men’s magazines.

Use Almanac as patient education tool

The Academy encourages Fellows to promote The Body Almanac to patients as an extension of their patient education efforts. Upcoming Bulletin articles will provide tips on how to use the guide to market your practice, educate your community and get your patients involved in their own health care.

To order your free Body Almanac promotional kit to display in your practice, or to ask about volume discounts, call AAOS customer service at (800) 626-6726.

To order the guide online or view sample sections, visit the AAOS Web site (www.aaos.org), just click on the "Orthopaedic Resource Catalog" tab and select "Books."

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