June 2003 Bulletin

AAOS launches new patient safety e-newsletter

The AAOS Patient Safety Committee has published the inaugural issue of Patient Safety Update, a new quarterly e-newsletter for AAOS members. This new online publication is dedicated to fostering practices, procedures and research in orthopaedic practice that will increase patient safety and reduce medical errors. It will be distributed electronically to all AAOS members who have e-mail addresses.

Patient Safety Update is one of 11 initiatives undertaken by the AAOS Patient Safety Committee. They range from educational programs and resident/medical student training to research on "near misses," and from public education and awareness to "positive practices" and enhanced physician/patient communications.

Each issue of Patient Safety Update will include a discussion of "hot topics" in patient safety, as well as information about positive practices, patient safety research and policy, and medical error prevention tips.

Notes David Wong, MD, chair, Patient Safety Committee, "The aim of this newsletter is to provide members with ideas and information they can use to implement and improve their patient safety practices as well as to build a culture of patient safety in their offices or hospitals. We hope that you’ll find this e-newsletter valuable and will take advantage of it to share news and information with your colleagues that may help others. Remember, ‘Patient Safety Is No Accident!’"

To ensure that you receive Patient Safety Update, make sure the AAOS has your current e-mail address on file. Contact Member Services at (847) 384-4258 or through the AAOS Web site at www.aaos.org, Member Services section, to provide your e-mail address.

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