June 2004 Bulletin

HIPAA prep for Orthopaedics improved

Security and TCS modules added

By Steven Fisher, MBA

Meeting the privacy regulations under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) has been difficult for many orthopaedic practices. And, while the bugs in privacy are still being worked out, the specter of meeting security regulations looms large. Covered entities must be in compliance with the security regulations by April 21, 2005. Security is at least as complicated as privacy was, so the addition of a security module to HIPAAprep for Orthopaedics™ is right on time.

HIPAAprep is an Internet-based product designed to help orthopaedic practices comply with HIPAA regulations. The AAOS is the exclusive distributor for HIPAAprep for Orthopaedics™.

Satisfying members

Hundreds of Academy members subscribed to HIPAAprep because the service offered many advantages over other competing hardcopy products, such as:

Members are evidently satisfied with the product. Previous subscribers are renewing their subscriptions, and practices that previously utilized other products are converting to HIPAAprep. Here’s what two very satisfied users (a practice administrator and a privacy official) say about HIPAAprep:

New modules added

Recently, the HIPAAprep program was expanded to include information on HIPAA security and transaction and code set (TCS) regulations. The expanded product provides concrete assistance to offices to achieve compliance with the security regulations, just as it does with the privacy regulations.

All HIPAAprep subscribers will be notified of changes to HIPAA regulations as they occur. You’ll also be advised on what alterations you need to make to your policies, procedures and forms to comply with the updated regulations. Even state HIPAA regulations are included.

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