June 2004 Bulletin

AAOS sends out Expert Witness Affirmation Statements

More than 15,000 AAOS active and emeritus fellows and candidate members were recently faxed copies of the Expert Witness Affirmation Statement and a cover letter from AAOS President Robert W. Bucholz, MD. Fellows and members who do not have fax numbers on file with the AAOS were sent their letters and Affirmation Statements via U.S. mail. Members are urged to sign and return the Affirmation Statement by faxing it to the AAOS Expert Witness Program at (847) 653-8083. Signed statements are being entered into the Expert Witness database; fellows will be able to verify receipt of their statements soon. If you have not received your fax, you can download the letter and Affirmation Statement from the members-only section of the Expert Witness Program Web site. From the AAOS home page, click on the Expert Witness button and enter the members-only section. If you have questions, contact the AAOS Expert Witness Program at aaosexpertwitness@aaos.org.

IDEX offers access to expert witness database

AAOS fellows who are involved in litigation now have a new resource to assist them in preparing their cases. The AAOS Expert Witness Program has made arrangements for members to access a national database of expert witnesses through IDEX, an organization that maintains the Collaborative Defense Network for Expert Witness Research. Under the agreement with IDEX, AAOS members may determine whether a certain individual has testified as an expert witness, in which cases he/she has testified, and the subject matter of the testimony. In addition, IDEX can provide information on material that was written by or about the expert witness and any professional disciplinary action taken against the expert’s license to practice. Each search will cost approximately $70; but there is no charge if IDEX does not have information on the expert witness. When calling IDEX at (800) 521-5596, advise the representative that you are an AAOS member. IDEX will then either fax or e-mail the appropriate form, along with a fee schedule listing available searches. The IDEX representative will also provide instructions on how to make the request and be available to answer questions. Members may reach the AAOS Expert Witness Program by e-mail at: aaosexpertwitness@aaos.org.

Fellowship approves resolutions, amendments to bylaws

Three resolutions and three proposed amendments to the American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons Bylaws were adopted by the AAOS Fellowship in balloting after the 2004 Annual Meeting. Of the 19,941 fellows who were eligible to vote on the issues, 5,244 valid ballots were submitted, yielding a response rate of 26.3 percent. (A minimum 20 percent response is required for voting to be valid.) No measure received less than an 86 percent endorsement, well above the required number of “Yes” votes for adoption (a majority for resolutions and two-thirds for amendments). The resolutions deal with support for orthopaedic research, an AAOS public relations program regarding managed care, and the orthopaedic work force. The bylaws amendments simplify the admissions process and create associate membership categories for other orthopaedic surgeons and osteopathic physicians. Updated Association Bylaws can be found in the Member Services section of the AAOS Web site.

AAOS seeks volunteers

AAOS is looking to fill a number of volunteer openings. The AAOS will recommend a candidate to the American Medical Association (AMA) for the AMA nominee to the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery. Qualified candidates will have a familiarity with the Board Certification Process. The deadline for applications is July 15, 2004; notification of the appointment will not be until April 2005. The Committee on Committees will carefully review all applications. Among other volunteer openings currently available are the chairmanships for the Orthopaedic Political Action Committee (PAC), the Publications Committee and the Research Committee. A treasurer is also needed for the Orthopaedic PAC. The following councils/committees also have openings: Council on Education; Bylaws, CME Courses, Ethics, Evaluation, Infections, International, and Leadership Development Committees. Interested members are encouraged to apply. Click on the Committee/Council Vacancies button on the AAOS home page: http://www.aaos.org/.


CMS issues new EMTALA guidelines

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have released revised interpretive guidelines for use in investigating complaints of alleged violations of the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA). As reported in the May 21 AAOS Washington Office Legislative Update, AAOS worked with members of Congress and CMS to address the on-call obligations and final rules that became effective last November. The June 4 issue of the AAOS Washington Office Legislative Update includes an in-depth analysis of the guidelines.

Information on subscribing to the AAOS Washington Office Legislative Update, which is issued every other week, can be found at:http://www3.aaos.org/washington/dcnews.cfm.

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