AAOS Bulletin - June, 2005

AAOS media efforts put spotlight on orthopaedists

By Carlye Fallon

Welcome to the inaugural column of “Just the bare bones,” a snapshot of how the AAOS communicates orthopaedic-related issues to the public.

The 2005 Annual Meeting generated substantial media coverage, including a story on the future of orthopaedics in US News and World Report, segments about the Academy’s Playground Build Day on nearly 30 NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX affiliate stations nationwide, and articles announcing the new AAOS Board members in various publications.

The 2005 public service campaign on “Youth Sports Injury Prevention” (co-sponsored by the National Athletic Trainers’ Association) was featured in the New York Times, Newsweek and TIME for Kids, as well as a CNN interview with Joseph D. Zuckerman, MD, and a CNN radio interview with John M. Purvis, MD. View the Academy’s 2005 PSAs. To order PSA postcards or posters for your office, contact Pat Julitz at (847) 384-4036 or julitz@aaos.org.

A Washington Post interview with Stuart Hirsch, MD, on thumb pain caused by BlackBerry overuse was picked up by major newspapers across the country, including the Chicago Tribune; Houston Chronicle; and Seattle Times. Dr. Hirsch was also a featured guest on Mitch Albom’s nationally-syndicated AM radio show.

Stories advising the public on how to get the most out of a doctor’s visit have run in 80 different papers across the country. The articles offer insights from William E. Schreiber, MD, and detail the importance of an open, honest dialogue between patient and physician. The United Airlines’ in-flight magazine Hemisphere published injury prevention tips on lifting and carrying luggage from Oheneba Boachie-Adjei, MD, and Robert H. Haralson III, MD. Dr. Haralson was also interviewed by National Public Radio about the Academy’s viewpoint on the efficacy of the Charité disc. The New York Times ran a story on the benefits of microfracture surgery that included quotes from five AAOS members: J. Richard Steadman, MD; Nicholas A. DiNubile, MD; David W. Altchek, MD; Kevin D. Plancher, MD; and William G. Rodkey, MD.

Finally, many public broadcasting stations (PBS) across the country aired the AAOS documentary Wounded in Action, which honors the heroism, dedication and sacrifices of the 600,000 military medical men and women who served in World War II. Wounded in Action on PBS was made possible through educational grants provided by Pfizer, Inc., and the George M. Boswell, Jr., MD Fund for Orthopaedic Surgery, of the Wichita Falls Area Community Foundation. Copies of the Legacy of Heroes book and Wounded in Action DVD are available through AAOS Customer Service at 800-626-6726.

To become a volunteer spokesperson for the AAOS, equest a Spokesperson Volunteer Form from Pat Julitz at (847) 384-4036 or mailto:julitz@aaos.org and let us know which subjects you feel comfortable discussing. We’ll forward a media training/public relations manual to you and add your name to our cadre of Board, committee, staff and volunteers who are “on call” for the media.

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