AAOS Bulletin - June, 2005

AAOS, JBJS-A collaborate on surgical videos

Video-based education is a ‘teaching and learning bonanza’

By Jeannie Glickson

When the AAOS and the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery-American (JBJS-A) agreed to collaborate on producing surgical technique videos last year, it was more than just a good idea. It was an opportunity for the two of the most respected educational providers in orthopaedics to create a product that built on their individual strengths.

“This is an exciting program that brings out the best in JBJS-A and AAOS,” said Evan Flatow, MD, chair of the Electronic Media Education Committee. “It’s a much different approach to the development of surgical technique videos.”

The idea was simple. “AAOS would take original, peer-reviewed articles from JBJS-A,” said Robert Poss, MD, JBJS-A electronic media editor, “and produce hands-on educational videotapes of surgery,” starring the authors of the original articles. The original agreement was for the AAOS and JBJS-A to create two videos per year for two years.

“These are not just surgical demonstrations,” noted Dr. Flatow. “We interview the article’s lead author to correlate the study findings with the techniques presented in the operating room. We want to relate the research to the treatment.”

Producing the videos

The Academy selects articles for the videos that have great potential for teaching surgical technique, said James Heckman, MD, JBJS-A editor-in-chief.

Videos of elective surgery can be planned well in advance, unlike videos of trauma surgeries, which require the filming crew to be “on call.”

A program generally takes one to two days to shoot and involves two weeks of editing and post-production work. The video program is then peer-reviewed.

The first video was The Agility Total Ankle Arthroplasty, presented by Charles L. Saltzman, MD, and assisted by Frank G. Alvine, MD, and Steven. L. Haddad, MD. The 64-minute video presents step-by-step operative details, as well as indications and contraindications for surgery, radiographic evaluation and templating.

It was followed by Cementing a Constrained Liner into a Secure Cementless Acetabular Shell, presented by John J. Callaghan, MD. The 20-minute video presents the operative technique for cementing a tripolar constrained liner into a fixed cementless acetabular shell. The video discusses indications and contraindications as well as radiographic evaluation.

The third program, currently in production, features. David S. Ruch, MD, on Distraction Plating of Distal Radius Fractures with Metaphysical and Diaphyseal Comminution.

“From my perspective,” said Dr. Ruch, “it’s all so terribly easy. The AAOS staff does a phenomenal job of setting up all the material. They produce the videos in a quality way, and they do an excellent job of editing.”

Building partnerships

This is the latest of many projects that have fueled a strong partnership between AAOS and JBJS-A. In 2002, the AAOS Board of Directors approved an historic agreement with JBJS-A, by which the AAOS uses current and historical JBJS-A content on OKO. In addition, every active fellow now receives JBJS-A as a benefit of membership.

The video-production agreement, which was negotiated while Jay Mabrey, MD, was chair of the Electronic Media Education Committee, has just been extended for two more years.

“The videos are posted in the Video Library on the JBJS-A Web site. But the AAOS maintains the copyright on them so segments can be used in other electronic media or Web-based programs,” said Dr. Flatow.

Looking forward

“With the Internet, we have so much power to do more with education,” said Dr. Poss. “We can communicate much faster. Our ability to educate others effectively is improving, in part due to the Internet.”

“This is a perfect example of a program whose time had come,” Dr. Flatow said. “And, we do want to see it grow in different directions. For example, the Electronic Media Education Committee has begun investigating the application of high-definition television to orthopaedic education. I can foresee a future AAOS-JBJS-A production in high-definition format presented at the Annual Meeting Multimedia Education Center.”

“We hope this program continues to grow,” said Dr. Heckman. “We believe that education on the Internet is for now and the future. The videos and the articles complement each other.”

As do the two organizations involved in creating them.

The video programs are available online to AAOS members for $69 and to residents for $59. To or call AAOS at (800) 626-6726.

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