June 1998 Bulletin

2 exams added to home page

Completion earns 10 hours of CME credit

A key way to test your knowledge, diagnostic abilities and problem-solving skills is through the Academy's Special Interest Examinations. The latest addition to the series of nine self-assessment exams on the Academy home page include the 1996 Musculoskeletal Tumors and Diseases Self-Assessment Examination which tests physicians' comprehension of neoplastic and non-neoplastic diseases of the musculoskeletal system; and the 1996 Shoulder and Elbow Self-Assessment Examination which quizzes physicians on nonsurgical and surgical management of injuries, degenerative problems, arthroplasty and sport-related disorders of the shoulder and elbow.

Both exams have 100 questions which can determine the strengths and weaknesses of an orthopaedic surgeon's knowledge on the topic, increase understanding of clinically relevant problems and increase understanding of current therapeutic approaches. The exams also provides suitable photographs and imaging to help indicate the most appropriate treatments.

One of the highlights of the multiple-choice question exam is that it gives immediate feedback on your response and tallies correct responses.

Completion of the exam earns 10 hours of CME credit in Category 1 or Category 2 of the AMA's Physician Recognition Award. All exams must be submitted for CME credit no later than December 30, 1998, because both exams expire.

Next year's exams will cover Adult Spine, Foot and Ankle and Musculoskeletal Trauma. The Evaluation Committee is in the process of determining future Orthopaedic Special Interest Examinations

Academy members, nonmembers and residents can purchase the online version for $55 or the online and print format for $80, plus shipping and handling. Only one person may receive CME credit per examination. For more information call Customer Service at (800) 626-6726. Information to order the examinations also is in the "Medical Education" section of the Academy's home page www.aaos.org

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