June 1998 Bulletin


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Academy tells HCFA to drop rule on self-referral

CPT panel developing new guidelines

Academy, SRS, NASS dismissed from pedicle cases

Physicians win "voice" in management

Coalition's bill in House

Majority want provisions in Rep. Weldon bill

Outlook clouded for health care bills

Congress needs more education on quality, access to specialty care, says Rep. Matsui

Privacy bill raises worker's comp concern

Biomaterials bill stirs

IG audit found errors, not fraud in Medicare claims

21 states study insurer liability laws

Ruling expected soon on Texas HMO liability

8 states approve new patient protection laws

Health care bills flood legislatures

Computers 'learn' to take dictation

No defense for wrong-site surgery

Solving dilemma of -62, -82 modifiers

Compliance shield may cut risk of fraud, abuse

Dealing with a difficult partner

Read it now or weep later

Across the President's Desk: MODEMS database needs everyone's active support

MODEMS moves into high gear

Institute's directors hold first meeting

Point of View: Malpractice laws focus on 'hangings'

Study finds 58% claims abandoned, settled

Radio stations air access to specialty care messages

Academy, CPSC urge seniors to be active

Councilors adopt 3 resolutions

In Memoriam

Surgical staff credentialing survey, 1997

Academy's 1999 CME calendar

Continuing medical education--August, September, October

2 exams added to home page

Academy course on liability risks on home page

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