June 1998 Bulletin

What’s new on home page

The Academy's home page (http://www.aaos.org) is a rich resource of valuable information for members and the public. It's also an evolving resource that continues to be enhanced with new services.

The home page has added 12 new private discussion groups. The password-protected discussion groups ensure confidentiality for the participants, says Paul Collins, chairman of the Online Service Oversight Panel. Ten of the discussion groups are related to the Academy's clinical committees. The others are "Alternative/Complementary Medicine" and "Organizational Issues in the Practice of Orthopaedic Surgery."

"Because they are private, orthopaedic surgeons can be frank in their discussions," says Dr. Collins. "For instance, they can discuss clinical cases where complications are involved without being concerned that their comments will be misunderstood or misused."

The home page also has unmoderated clinical discussion groups open to anyone. The unmoderated discussion groups are focused on topics ranging from "Medical Records and Coding" to the "Board of Councilors and State Societies" (The Board of Councilors also has a section on the home page.)

Looking for the latest news that affects orthopaedic surgeons? Check out the "News Updates" in the Discussion Groups. You'll find the latest news gleaned from wire services, newspapers and government agencies.

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