June 1999 Bulletin

Recruiting up 40%; many practices seek specialists

Recruiting activity by orthopaedic practices has increased by 40 percent since a year ago.

More than half (51.8 percent) of orthopaedic practices reported in a nationwide survey that they are currently recruiting an additional orthopaedic surgeon and more than 60 percent were looking for a specialist. The survey was conducted by the BONES Society, the national organization of orthopaedic practice administrators.

A year earlier, a BONES survey found 41 percent of practices were recruiting and 52 percent were looking for a specialist.

Practices most likely to be recruiting an additional orthopaedic surgeon are in the Pacific and South Atlantic regions-62 percent and 58.5 percent, respectively. Least likely to be recruiting are practices in the Mountain and New England regions-36.2 percent and 37.5 percent, respectively.

The activity tends to be in larger orthopaedic groups.

Merger activity increased since the 1998 survey. More than 70 percent of practices reported in the 1999 survey that they had merged their practice with another orthopaedic practice; a year earlier, 64.8 percent said they had been involved in a merger.

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