June 1999 Bulletin

NOLC proves power of face-to-face talks on negotiations bill

Rep. Tom Campbell, (R-CA), announces the Quality Health Care Coalition Act, cosponsored by John R. Conyers, (R-MI), right, at a press conference in March.

The 1999 National Orthopaedic Leadership Conference (NOLC) demonstrated the power of face-to-face meetings with legislators on Capitol Hill.

Before the NOLC, the Quality Health Care Coalition Act of 1999, which would allow physicians to collectively negotiate with health care plans without violating federal antitrust laws, had 40 cosponsors. The bill was one of the main topics of discussion between Councilors and their legislators.

By the end time the Councilors went back to their practices across the country, the bill had another 14 sponsors and more were expected.

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