June 1999 Bulletin

What's new on Academy home page

Looking for information from the 1999 Annual Meeting? The AAOS web site (www.aaos.org) includes an audio version of the first vice presidential address given by AAOS President Robert D. D'Ambrosia, MD, entitled "Orthopaedics in the New Millenium." There are other Annual Meeting speeches to choose from including the second vice presidential address by AAOS First Vice President S. Terry Canale, MD; a summary of 1998-1999 AAOS activities by AAOS Past President James D. Heckman, MD; and the welcome address to the Class of 1999 by Newton C. McCollough III, MD. All of the speeches can be found in the "Library" section.

Your computer must have the audio system Real Player 3.0 or a higher version, speakers and a sound card in order to listen to the speeches. People without Real Player on their computers can download it by accessing the web site.

Abstracts of scientific paper presentations and poster and scientific exhibits, handouts from symposia and other clinical information also are available in the "1999 Annual Meeting" section of the AAOS home page.

Also online is Archives of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons-a publication developed by the Academy that highlights selected scientific exhibits from the 1998 Annual Meeting. AAOS members can access the password-protected area in the "Library" section of the web site to view articles and illustrations of the selected exhibits.

The Academy's web site also can make it easier for you to find other medical organizations' home pages. By accessing the "Other Medical Sites" section, you can get links to the web sites of most major medical associations, state medical societies and university medical schools.

This section also contains links to non-Academy sponsored news groups where physicians can ask questions or discuss treatment options, research results and personal experiences with certain musculoskeletal conditions.

Links to government web sites also are available in this section. The Academy has set up links to the web sites of most federal agencies, state and local governments and state legislatures. In addition, there are links to the web sites of the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate.

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