October 2000 Bulletin

AAOS adopts prompt pay, return to work, ‘errors’ statements

State legislatures and insurance commissions should enact or strengthen prompt payment regulations, the AAOS says in a new position statement approved by the Board of Directors in September. These regulations should address standards for claims processing and management.

The AAOS also recommends sanctions against carriers who practice these policies. The AAOS says insurance commissioners should be held accountable for enforcement of defined standards.

Safe early return to work programs are in the best interests of patients, says the AAOS in a position statement also adopted by the board last month. "Return to work in light duty, part-time or modified duty programs is important in preventing the deconditioning and psychological behavior patterns that inhibit successful return to work and in improving quality of life for the injured worker," the AAOS says.

The AAOS adopted a position statement presenting four principles that are essential to ensure the success of a nationwide effort to reduce the number of medical errors. They are:

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