October 2000 Bulletin

BONES survey finds specialists in big demand

Slightly more the one-half (55.5 percent) of orthopaedic practices are recruiting an additional orthopaedic surgeon, according to the June 2000 survey by the BONES Society, Inc., the national organization of orthopaedic practice administrators.

The recruiting activity was a modest gain from 1999 when 51.8 percent were recruiting, however, there was a big jump in recruitment for specialists in the 2000 survey from a year earlier. The latest poll shows 77.5 percent of practices were seeking a specialist, compared to 60 percent that were seeking a specialist in 1999. In 1998, 52 percent were seeking a specialist.

The 2000 survey by BONES found 57.9 percent are recruiting a generalist. More than one-third (35.4 percent) are recruiting both a generalist and specialist.

In practices with more than 10 orthopaedic surgeons, 71.1 percent are recruiting an additional orthopaedist. The survey found 85.5 percent of practices with six to 10 orthopaedic surgeons are recruiting specialists.

Practices in the West South Central and West North Central census regions (67.8 percent and 67.4 percent, respectively) are most likely to be recruiting.

In other survey results, BONES found that less than one-in-seven practices (11.7 percent) currently maintain a capitated contract. Practices in the Pacific region (23.2 percent) are most likely to maintain a capitated contract. Practices with a capitated contract reported an average Commercial Lives PMPM capital rate of $1.62 and an average Medicare Lives PMPM capitated rate of $4.05.

The BONES survey was mailed to 1,365 BONES’s members. The usable response rate was 46 percent. The data was tabulated and analyzed by the AAOS department of research and scientific affairs.

To obtain a copy of the survey contact the BONES Society at (800) 247-9699.

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