October 2000 Bulletin


In the News

Letters to the Editor

Share your views; sign up for latest news

AAOS offers free web site to members

The AAOS in 2005

HCFA has new payment plan for outpatient care

Bone and Joint surgeons seek research papers

BONES survey finds specialists in big demand

Ancillary services tap new income

99% practices offer X-rays; 20% imaging; 20% invasive surgery

Phone tree 'efficiency' can be annoying

Doctors overlook patients' hidden clues

Public believes doctors have 'very great' prestige

FDA issues device reprocessing guidance

States news: In brief

Orthopaedics Overseas opens program in Cambodia

Communicate: Your body language speaks loudly

New feature

Don't just hear; listen to what patient says

Computer Link: Web can cut practices' costs

Back up PC files now or regret it later

Coding corner: HCFA eyes use of -25 modifier with E/M

Coding courses

Legal Issues: Put patients in retirement planning

Compliance program

There's a doctor in House, Senate, too

How do you shape up?

Beware of benchmarking pitfalls

Love of orthopaedics: a family tradition

Across the President's Desk: AAOS has multifaceted advocacy activity

GOP, Dems hear PAC message

AAOS adopts prompt pay, return to work, 'errors' statements

HTA studies treatment costs, risks, benefits

Annual Meeting is premier educational event

'Impaired' doctors get a helping hand

Volunteerism pays off in satisfaction

Bone and Joint decade benefits public, orthopaedists

Orthopaedists keep forces fit to fight

AAOS honored for playground program

In Memoriam

From the Treasurer

Plan OLC-Greece course

Continuing medical education

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