October 2001 Bulletin

What’s new

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The Online 2001 Professional Affairs Self-Assessment Examination is in the Self-Assessment Center of the Medical Education section. The examination covers questions on medical ethics, professional liability, disability evaluation/workers’ compensation cases and other non-medically related issues. The examination consists of multiple-choice questions, one best response, discussion and references. The examination activity meets the criteria for up to a maximum of 5 hours of CME credit. The cost is $35 for members; $25 for residents.

You’ll also find the Online CME course: Rotator Cuff: Diagnosis and Treatment in the Auditorium building of the Orthopaedic Campus, which is in the Medical Education section.

The performance goals are to differentiate between different types of tears, to be able to select the most appropriate surgical technique (open, mini-open or arthroscopic) for repairing rotator cuff tears, and to conduct a complete patient examination. The course also will help orthopaedists select the most appropriate imaging studies in order to make a final diagnosis, know criteria for including anterior acromioplasty and/or acromioclavicular arthroplasty as part of the surgical procedure and know criteria for treating rotator cuff conservatively. The course offers 3 hours of CME credit and costs $40.

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