October 2002 Bulletin


In the News

What makes a competent surgeon?

Meet patient needs with Spanish materials

"En Espanol" on Your Orthopaedic Connection

Washington Report: Spotlight on patient safety, liability reform

Washington Report: AAOS Secretary attends President's economic forum

Want to learn more about the state legislative scene?

States news: In Brief

Communicate: Culturally competent patient encounter tips

Computer Link: A PDA orthopaedic library

Coding corner: Confused over consultation codes?

AAOS offers new coding service hot line

Ignore HIPAA's Privacy Rule at your peril

Other HIPAA deadlines

Additional resources

Legacy of heroes

"Legacy of Heroes" sponsors

Orthopaedic group scores one for the team

Across the President's Desk: Organizational evaluation: Setting a course for high performance

Ensuring a sound financial future

Support U.S. Bone and Joint Decade

U.S. BJD wins special achievement award

New Orleans to host 70th Annual Meeting

Register now for 2003 Annual Meeting

Point of View: Use of COX-2 inhibitors in patients with fractures

Clinician Scientist traveling fellowship program

Board approves position statement, alliance with OSHA, Sign Your Site checklist

AAOS introduces OrthoStar

OrthoStar modules

OREF-Planning for the future

Perspectives on vertebral augmentation: Kyphoplasty, vertebroplasty or "no-plasty"


From the Treasurer

In memoriam

OKO gets new look

CME Calendar through February

Meetings of interest

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