October 2003 Bulletin

Now online: Orthopaedic aphorisms

Words of wit, wisdom found online in AAOS private discussion groups

By Carolyn Rogers

You may already be aware that AAOS online private discussion groups can be a great resource if you’re looking for a few “pearls of wisdom” on a given technique, or need a little guidance on an unusual case.

What you might find surprising is that the site also serves as a showcase for aspiring orthopaedic surgeons/ comedians/wordsmiths.

One discussion thread in particular—“Orthopaedic Aphorisms”—has attracted dozens of clever contributors. Orthopaedic surgeon James D. Brodell, MD, kicked off the topic because he was curious how many “wise orthopaedic sayings” are floating around out there. The answer? More than 135 and counting…

The clever quips and astute adages appearing on this thread run the gamut from inspirational to irreverent; droll to deep; cynical to silly…but they’re all worth a read.
Do you have a memorable maxim to contribute? Then log on to the discussion and click on “Organizational Issues in the Practice of Orthopaedic Surgery.”

In the meantime, we’ve selected a few highlights for your reading pleasure. (Contributors’ names have been withheld to protect the innocent/guilty.)

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