AAOS Bulletin - October, 2005

User-friendly OKO redesign marks major changes

By Jane Baque

If it’s been some time since you last visited Orthopaedic Knowledge Online (OKO), you’ll be surprised by its new look and approach. While retaining access to specific content as a member benefit for AAOS fellows and residents, OKO has opened up and become even more user-friendly.

“We had so much content behind the log-in—articles, images, video and surgical techniques,” said William A. Grana, MD, MPH, OKO’s editor-in-chief. “We wanted a way to make the breadth of the content readily apparent to visitors to the site.”

The new Web site design does just that. The main menu page provides an abstract of “Recent additions to OKO clinical topics,” describing the latest condition or procedure added to the site. Visitors can now access clinical topic areas, such as pediatrics or sports medicine, without logging in until they’re ready to access content. Topic pages now list articles and videos, and include a “Spotlight on” feature highlighting a specific topic.

The main page also provides a video list, giving visitors an overview of the large number of videos made available by the authors, with links directly to them. The Web site even provides links to new AAOS books and electronic media products. All of this makes finding your way around the site easier than ever.

Partnering with specialties

The redesign focuses on another, equally important enhancement to OKO. Over the past year, many orthopaedic specialty societies have begun partnering with OKO to develop and deliver high-quality specialty topics. Their participation ensures that OKO provides information and education that will benefit all areas of orthopaedics. Links to the specialty societies that are currently working with OKO are featured prominently throughout the Web site.

In addition to partnerships with specialty societies, the collaboration between OKO and the Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (JAAOS) is being strengthened and enhanced. Every other month, JAAOS will feature a “Surgical Techniques” article by the author of an OKO topic. This provides the author with the opportunity to more fully explain a technique. Video of the technique will be featured on OKO. This coordination of topics and video on OKO with surgical technique articles in JAAOS gives AAOS members and residents access to a rich reservoir of educational resources.

A renovated “Bookstore”

The Virtual Bookstore has undergone perhaps the greatest renovation. Originally designed to allow users to search and download past volumes of Instructional Course Lectures online for a small fee, the bookstore now has become a gateway to online journals and periodicals, as well as a portal to print publications, DVDs, video programs, and other educational resources from the AAOS.

“Convenience and usability are the keys to the new developments on this audience-centered design,” said Dr. Grana. “And we will continue to refine OKO to make it a convenient source of—and the first choice for—orthopaedic education on the Web.”

The cornerstone of OKO remains the content-rich topics. More than 80 videos on surgical techniques and physical evaluation—almost 70 topics across all orthopaedic specialties—and reviews of the clinical and management options for selected orthopaedic conditions continue to make OKO a rich source for online education. The year ahead will be one of significant expansion in content and information.

Already, nearly half of all AAOS members, candidate members and residents have accessed OKO, and the number of international affiliate members who visit the site is also increasing. OKO may just be the best free source of online orthopaedic information. If you haven’t visited Orthopaedic Knowledge Online, now is the time to do so.

Jane Baque is the managing editor of online publications in the AAOS publications department. She can be reached at baque@aaos.org

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