AAOS Bulletin - October, 2005

AAOS introduces new, free public education DVD

By Addy Kujawa

Over the years, the AAOS has developed award-winning public service announcements (PSAs), video features and video news releases about orthopaedics and orthopaedic surgeons. These entertaining, educational materials have now been collected on a special DVD for your use. You’ll find your free copy in the October issue of the Bulletin, between pages 32-33.

The DVD—Public Education for You and Your Patients—was developed by the Public Education and Media Relations (PEMR) Committee and includes several different short features on the scope of what orthopaedic surgeons do, the impact of orthopaedic care on patients’ lives and how orthopaedic surgeons touch lives beyond the operating room and classroom. It can be shown on televisions in your reception areas or computer monitors in your exam rooms, using the “Play All” function.

The DVD includes the following segments:

• Preventing Osteoporosis PSAs featuring Joan Rivers

• The Academy’s series of PSAs from 2001-2005, including the award-winning “Sedentary”

• Community Orthopaedic Awareness Program (COAP) patient stories

• Videos from the AAOS Annual Meeting highlighting the winners of the Humanitarian and Diversity Awards, and the playground build

• Video news releases on orthopaedic topics such as fragility fractures and osteoporosis, preventing running injuries, and playground safety

• A short promotional trailer on The Legacy of Heroes Wounded in Action documentary

• A short feature on the art exhibit, eMotion Pictures: An Exhibit of Orthopaedics in Art

Segments of the DVD can also be directly transferred into PowerPoint presentations.

The AAOS has also prepared a variety of materials to help you establish your own public relations program and learn how to deal with the media.

To receive a brochure with more detailed explanations of all the educational outreach products and an order form, please contact Pat Julitz by phone at (847) 384-4036 or e-mail julitz@aaos.org

Addy Kujawa is manager, public education and media relations. She can be reached at kujawa@aaos.org

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