AAOS Bulletin - October, 2006

Professional Compliance Report

In September 2006, the Board of Directors of the American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) voted to take professional compliance actions against four Fellows under the provisions of Paragraph 8.3.b of the AAOS Bylaws. This provision requires the AAOS to certify to the Board of Directors, if known, “the loss, restriction on or limitation of any right associated with the practice of medicine in any state or Canadian province of any Fellow or Member.” Following is a summary of the reasons for these professional compliance actions:

Daniel J. Boyce, MD
Santa Ana, Calif.

On March 2, 2006, Daniel J. Boyce, MD, surrendered his license to practice medicine to the Medical Board of California following allegations of gross negligence, repeated negligent acts and incompetence related to the care, treatment and management of two patients.

Dr. Boyce did not contest the allegations. The AAOS Board of Directors voted to suspend Dr. Boyce until he regains a license to practice medicine.

Ronald G. Corley, MD
Lufkin, Texas

On April 7, 2006, Ronald G. Corley, MD, entered into an agreed order with the Texas Medical Board (TMB) requiring that he cease to perform any procedures that require the use of implants without first obtaining permission from the Board. This agreed order followed investigations into two separate instances alleging violations of standard of care. In a separate action, Dr. Corley voluntarily resigned all surgical privileges and may not reapply for them without obtaining permission from the TMB. The AAOS Board of Directors voted to suspend Dr. Corley until he has an unrestricted license to practice medicine.

Duc M. Nguyen, MD
Redlands, Calif
In October 2004, the Medical Board of California placed the license to practice medicine of Duc M. Nguyen, MD, on probation for four years following accusations of gross negligence, repeated negligent acts, excessive prescribing, and failure to maintain adequate medical records related to the care and treatment of two patients. The AAOS Board of Directors voted to suspend

Dr. Nguyen until all probationary measures are removed from his medical license. In addition, the Board voted to review Dr. Nguyen’s file prior to readmitting him to the status of active fellow.

Joseph M. Scoggin, MD
Chandler, Ariz.

On May 31, 2006, Joseph M. Scoggin, MD, surrendered his license to practice medicine to the Medical Board of California during its investigation into action taken by the Arizona Medical Board (AMB). In August 2005, Dr. Scoggin entered into a consent agreement with the AMB that placed his Arizona medical license on probation for five years based on a history of substance abuse. The consent agreement defines a treatment program and demands the revocation of his medical license if Dr. Scoggin relapses. The AAOS Board of Directors voted to censure Dr. Scoggin. Further, the Board voted that Dr. Scoggin report any further activity regarding his medical license in Arizona.

Fellows and members who learn of state licensure actions may forward the information to Pamela Winkler, manager of member services, 6300 N. River Rd., Rosemont, Ill. 60018-4262 or winkler@aaos.org.

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