October 1995 Bulletin

OLC schedules '96 courses

The Academy's Orthopaedic Learning Center's course schedule for 1996 has been finalized. These skills-intensive educational opportunities are conducted by highly-dedicated faculty members. The course topics and dates for 1996 are:

Strategic Approaches to Shoulder Instability, Fractures, and Reconstruction, April 19-21, John M. Fenlin, MD, and Richard J. Friedman, MD, co-chairmen.

Complex Instability of the Sports Knee: An In-depth Look at Treatment Alternatives, April 26-28, Robert H. Miller, MD, and Roger V. Larson, MD, co-chairmen.

Practical Surgical Strategies for the Management of the Foot and Ankle Trauma, May 17-19, Harold B. Kitaoka, MD, and James B. Carr, MD, co-chairmen.

The Complex Painful Knee: Current Decision-Making and Treatment Options, May 31-June 2, Aaron G. Rosenberg, MD, and James B. Stiehl, MD, co-chairmen.

Practical Techniques for Improved Fracture Management, June 21-23, Renner M. Johnston, MD, and Kenneth J. Koval, MD, co-chairmen.

Common Pediatric Fractures and Problems, Oct. 25-27, James H. Beaty, MD, and James R. Kasser, MD, co-chairmen.

The Shoulder: Rotator Cuff, Instability, and Decompression, Nov. 8-10, Gary M. Gartsman, MD, and David M. Dines, MD, co-chairmen.

Internal Fixation of the Spine, Nov. 15-17, Harry N. Herkowitz, MD, and Daniel R. Benson, MD, co-chairmen.

Common Hand and Wrist Problems, Dec. 6-8, Jesse B. Jupiter, MD, and Allen T. Bishop, MD, co-chairmen.

The Academy also has scheduled three "Orthopaedic Surgeon's Computer Boot Camp" courses for 1996. Course dates are Jan. 25-28, July 25-28, and Oct. 17-20.

To register for an Academy course, contact the Academy's customer service department, (800) 626-6726.

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