October 1996 Bulletin


Academy President Kenneth E. DeHaven, MD, tells why the Academy opposes the Health Care Financing Administration's planned demonstration project for total hip and total knee replacement procedures.

D. Eugene Thompson, Board secretary, gives highlights of actions taken by the Board of Directors during its meeting in Rosemont, Ill. Sept. 20-21, 1996.

Letter to the Editor corrects assumption on life expectancy.

Position Statement on Medicare Joint Replacement Demonstration Project

Position Statement on Workers Compensation

Advisory Statement on Package Pricing

Point of View. Primary care physicians must delegate disease treatment to most qualified

Point of View. Surgical options for hallus rigidus

Point of View. Are autogenous bone grafts still necessary?

Biomedical Engineering. ASTM adopts spinal implant standard

Legal Issues. Beware of pitfalls in MCO contract

Minute of Malpractice. Committee on Professional Liability identifies trends in the types of problems leading to litigation

Researchers test gene therapy for rheumatoid arthritis

64th Annual Meeting to lure 25,000

Fellows on Kashiwagi-Suzuki Traveling Fellowship exchange orthopaedic information with Japanese orthopaedists

Randall C. Morgan Jr., MD, is 95th president of National Medical Association

Academy urges NIH to expand research on young women.

William W. Tipton, Jr., MD, Academy executive vice president, will chair symposium in Beijing, China

Academy names winners of Kappa Delta Awards and Orthopaedic Research and Education Foundation Clinical Research Award

Dow Corning Corp. is alerting the public that persons with possible claims for problems they believe are caused by silicone implants manufactured by the corporation should file the claim by Jan. 15, 1997.

Academy seeks editor-in-chief for JAAOS

In memoriam for deceased fellows

18 states enact tort reforms

Pedicle screw suits threaten education

RAND seeks work-time data for orthopaedic work force study

Medicare increases coding detection

HCFA may boost work values for 40 codes

Bid single -specialty networks thrive

'Dot' Richardson fields Olympic gold

Orthopaedists play big Olympics role

Academy data, services at www.aaos.org

How orthopaedists can tap Internet

Academy messages read reach millions through print, electronic media

Are you paying your staff fair wages?

Treasurer's Report for fiscal year 1997

Anatomy of a successful CME course finds planning is the key

Video helps faculty improve skills

Academy continuing medical education courses for November, December and January

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