October 1997 Bulletin

How NOT to make effective slides

Top 10 list of ways to make viewers cringe

by Colin F. Moseley, MD

Colin F. Moseley, MD, is chairman of the Academy's Committee on Electronic Media Education

10. Choose the fanciest background you can find

9. Put red writing on a green background

8. Change your colors, fonts and styles for each talk

7. Use a tiny font and pack lots of information on each slide

6. Put distracting items in little tiny letters on the bottom of the slide

5. Use whole sentences

4. Get yourself a few general purpose surgical slides

3. Transfer your X-rays to slides electronically

2. Get your slides made by a medical artist

1. Always use double projection

How to make effective slides

The information was compiled from several sources, including Research Communication Media, Creating an Outstanding Impression with Abstracts, Poster Exhibits and Slides by Jeffrey A. Russell, MS and G. William Woods, MD, in Instructional Course Lectures, Vol. 43, 1994.

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