October 1999 Bulletin

Orthopaedists raise awareness of issues

The American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) raised awareness of the practice of orthopaedics and legislative issues of concern to orthopaedists and their patients at the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) in Indianapolis in July.

The AAOS exhibit at the meeting, attended by about 1,200 state legislators and their staff, called attention to patient protections in managed care plans, scope of practice and osteoporosis. In addition, volunteers at the booth urged legislators to introduce a resolution in their state designating the years 2000-2010 as the Bone and Joint Decade. Follow-up informational packets will be mailed to the 200 elected officials who stopped at the booth, as well as to officials of state orthopaedic societies, who are encouraged to develop relationships with the local representatives identified at the conference.

Members of the Indiana Orthopaedic Society (IOS) who volunteered to be at the booth included R. Kent Moseman, MD, president of the IOS, and Wade Rademacher, MD, Board of Councilor representative. Pat Price, IOS executive director, and Charles Hiltunen, III, lobbyist, also assisted. Other physician volunteers included Paul Ho, MD; Melanie Sanders, MD; John Garber, MD; Stephen Burns, MD; Jack Farr, MD; Duwayne Carlson, MD; and F. Robert Brueckmann, MD.

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