October 1999 Bulletin

How to promote Bone and Joint Decade

The Academy is making it easy for you to help make the Bone and Joint Decade 2000-2010 a reality and a success.

Send a message to the president. A tear-off postcard has been inserted in this issue of the Bulletin, which makes it easy to mail a message to President Clinton, urging him to issue a proclamation designating the Bone and Joint Decade 2000-2010 in the United States. Mail the card today.

Send a fax to the president. A toll-free telephone service has been established which allows you, your patients and associates to fax a message to President Clinton. The number is (888) 671-4900. Call today.

Ask your patients to write to the president.

Contact your congressional representatives. Ask them to contact the White House.

Contact your state representatives. Ask them to approve a proclamation in your state. Charles W. Kennedy Jr., MD, an orthopaedic surgeon, played a key role in getting Texas to become the first state to approve a resolution recognizing the Bone and Joint Decade. The Academy's department of health policy is sending an information packet to all members of the Board of Councilors, encouraging them to urge their legislators to approve similar resolutions.

Use Academy resources to promote the Decade. The Academy has developed a Bone and Joint slide set which will available on a loan basis. The Academy also is developing a traveling exhibit that you can use to promote the Bone and Joint Decade. Contact Brenda Welborn, program coordinator, (847) 384-4182 or Welborn@aaos.org.

A PowerPoint slide set that you can use to promote the Bone and Joint Decade is on the Internet site www.usbjd.org. The site also has the latest information about the Decade.

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